lottie da
Lottie-da sprouted from the fields, shorelines, and friends of the coastal communities of southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The printing, dyeing, stitching, and appliqué of these textile pieces capture observations absorbed over many years; color and pattern combine to evoke the the bronze marshes, the smell of line-dried sheets, the buzz of bees around a garden, and messing about in boats.

Each Lottie-da textile is a one of a kind; the imagery and colors are shared within a group but I print, stitch, and piece by responding to the evolving composition. Lottie-da is delighted to take on custom dyeing, printing, weaving,and stitching work!

Care: All fabrics have been pre-washed. Customary use over time and exposure to light will result in fading; items may be hand-washed or machine-washed in cold water on delicate cycle. Line Dry. Do not dry clean.

Many thanks to Eden Reiner (http://edenreiner.com) for her photography and Ellisha Fitzpatrick (http://ellishaalexina.com) for her website wizardry.